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Travel Blanket

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I have only had two blankets that can produce heat like this and this is the second one. my first blanket was a old army poncho liner it was soft and comfortable and felt like a pair of loving arms wrapping around you, and this is the second blanket that can produce more heat than it looks like. this blanket is light weight and can keep you warm for hours when the temperature begin to drop. this blanket is great as a great movie snugglier or under the covers for added heat, any way this blanket it a gem and is well worth the price.

Daran Fields

This was a perfect travel blanket! I like to sleep on long flights and every travel blanket I have tried was too thin and not warm. This blanket was so warm and cozy. It is compact and easy to roll back up into it's pouch. The pouch can clip on to a travel bag which makes it easy to carry. I absolutely love it and will never have to buy another thin travel blanket again.

Yvette S.

Absolutely amazing product, used on a trip to the Guadalupe Mountains in Texas with high winds and temperatures in the mid 30’s and 40’s and it was fantastic for hanging around outside at night and sleeping paired with some down socks, much less than what you would pay for a down sleeping bag or quilt. Very easily packable in any backpacking setup. Great value for what you pay for aswell.

Alex Palm