TheLazyBear Camping Pillow

$29.99 $17.95


  • Synthetic Polyester Filling
  • LUXURY PILLOWS FOR THE MORTAL HIKER – The Lazy Bear has one goal in mind. Provide maximum comfort to the variety of hikers who are still in human form and not yet achieved their hard as steel trail legs or can sleep on bare rock with minimal to no camp bedding. These pillows are for the hikers who enjoy a comfortable sleep and are willing to add a couple ounces to their pack for the softest luxury pillow in the great outdoors! WHY STOP WITH HIKERS! Also great for camping to reading a book!
  • NEAR ULTRALIGHT 12 oz WITH POUCH – We made the best premium travel pillow that does not deflate, does not have lumpy shredded memory foam, not too big and not too small for your head, great for back, side and stomach sleepers, is ridiculously soft, packable and compresses into a case AND about 12 oz.
  • PILLOW RESTING SIZE 19″ X 14″: The pillows size is adjustable and not firm. It will adjust it’s size based on your needs. Snuggle it tight, fold it over, or whatever it is you do with your pillow at night to get comfy in your bed! Your neck will be so happy with this level of support!! Try sticking one these behind your back while your lounging around reading or playing on your phone. Throw one on your couch, on your covered patio, your boat or RV.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE AND SUPER FLUFFY OUT OF THE DRYER: Cotton Shell & Soft Synthetic Polyester Filling. We filled this pillow up extra without skimping to make it super soft while also keeping the entire package about 12 oz. It’s like getting extra cheese on your pizza!! The cotton shell keeps your face happy while you rest and sleep! You can even wash the pillow after you’ve drooled on it all night! Synthetic is a fantastic alternative to down memory foam and inflatable pillows.
  • BLACK OXFORD COMPRESSION POUCH 12″ X 7″ comes with a drawstring and a strap. The pouch also squishes down even smaller and fits nicely in that back corner of the pack. Sleep is important to keep you a fresh and happy hiker!